Find a poem I read years ago?
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poemfilter: looking for a poem I read 15 years ago in an anthology borrowed from a friend. Thought it was Atwood, but haven't found it.

I remember it was something about libraries/books and involved an animalistic response on the part of the speaker, maybe something about the gnashing of teeth and the tearing of pages as a metaphor for the hungry consumption of knowledge? Pretty sure the anthology was female poets only. For some reason it is back in my head and I want to re-read it to know why.
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Best answer: Eating Poetry by Mark Strand. ...Not a female poet, but an awesome poem!
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Response by poster: that is the one, thx!
posted by chuke at 2:37 PM on October 19, 2009

Wow, that is a fantastic poem. Thanks for the round-about offering =)
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