How to search multiple (specified) sites in one query?
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I want to issue a single search engine query that limits itself to a list of say ten to twenty specified domains. How? Google, for example, allows a single query term that restricts to, but what if I need to to search for say, for the term widget, at all of the sites in the list,,, etc? I could issue multiple queries, but I want a single homogenized list of results... Best marks will go to the query that can be used in an OpenSearch descriptor, or to a way of setting an OpenSearch descriptor to search several sites.
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Is there a reason the Google Custom Search Engine won't suit your needs? I think this is sort of the standard way to set this up.
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With google you can do this with -inurl:

your search string -inurl:(domain1|domain2|domain3)

I don't think opensearch has an equivalent
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Another way of writing what Lanark said:
searchterms moresearchterms | |
The pipe character (|) represents OR in boolean logic. It's a good way to limit a search to a handful of sites but more than five or six would be pretty cumbersome.
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Rollyo is built for your specific purpose. They call them Searchrolls.
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Actually that should be

your search string inurl:(domain1|domain2|domain3)

inurl will restrict search to urls that contain those strings
-inurl will restrict search to urls that don't contain those strings

beatles -inurl:(wikipedia|amazon)
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To do this on Bing would use
searchstring ( OR

The opensearch descriptor URL template would just have something like template="{searchstring}"
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