Have any data visualization recs?
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I need cool data visualizations to project. Any recommendations?

We want to project interesting data visualizations on the wall during an event. Ones that don't require any clicking or touching would be best. Thank you!
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There are some great sites out there that collect excellent data visualizations. My 2 favorites are Flowing Data and Visual Complexity.
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Infosthetics, Timeline, Timeplot to name a few.
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Information Is Beautiful is chock full of original data visualisations covering a huge range of subjects, some of which are deadly serious and others more light-hearted. The author's blog links through to other data visualisation sites that he finds interesting.
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Edward Tufte is awesome. Check out some of his books.
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Check out the brain.
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Tufte is really really good reading.

Just understand: if your data visulization is not self explanatory for your audience and explicitly clear of what it represents and what it does not people will ask questions based on misinterpretations.
Also: if the data is not important, do not display the data. Display of data implicitly implies importance. Unimportant data makes people wonder why you have assigned value to the information displayed. People will ask questions based on the assumptions of their misguided interpolation of importance.

Also: this was a good list of excellent visuals from somewhere on the blue.
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To clarify: I'm not looking for infographics, rather I want interactive video-type visualizations.

This is for an academic group and we're looking to have something interesting (and free) on the wall in lieu of art.
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When I hear "interactive", I think of things that can be clicked or touch, just so you know.

But I love this guys visualizations, I linked to a great one that looks for tweets containing the phrases 'just landed in...' or 'just arrived in...'. Using the Twitter API he then plots these on a real map.

There are others there as well. If you look in the lower right-corner you can download a quicktime version in HD. To be a good net-citizen you should drop him a note if you do so, however.
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How can they be interactive and yet "don't require any clicking or touching"? Are you looking for novel camera-based interface systems? Do you just want abstract-looking computer-generated movies?
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You might try some of the work of Jonathan Harris. He did We Feel Fine a while back.
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point a browser at: http://www.gapminder.org/. Put it in fullscreen mode.
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