I really hate dusting. Like, A LOT.
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Does anyone in the Denver Metro area (or even better: Aurora) have a recommendation for a house cleaner for bi-weekly cleanings?

We prefer not to use Merry or Molly maids, someone who has their own business is preferred. I'm checking out Craigslist and following a few other leads, but personal recommendations would be great. If you can tell me about how much you spend either in this thread or via mefi mail it would be appreciated.

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Yes! Her name is Mary Lou! Her phone:303-437-4334. She is a fantastic cleaning person, is private (not associated with any business outfit like Molly Maids), and would love an account like you!
I am pretty new to mefi, myself, but it's my fun, new hobby.
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Response by poster: For future people searching for this, ended up going with Letty's Cleaning (lettyscleaning@yahoo.com). They are doing an amazing job and we are really happy with them. I submitted an email question and someone called me back within 3 minutes.
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