Need sites for new leather jacket
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So its about time to get a new leather jacket. I'm male and looking for either a "car coat" or "walking coat" style and I need it in ~2XLT. I can't find anything good at Burlington, Zappos, or Wilsons. Anyone have a good idea where else to hunt something like this up online? I don't necessarily need to purchase it online, but at least hunt for a jacket whose look I like.
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I have this and I couldn't be happier with it - the big advantage is that it's custom-made, so you can definitely get it the right size.
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I usually just shop there in person, but it's the only place I've ever found anything in 2XLT. A little pricey though.
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Sierra Trading Post has a lot of leather jackets at pretty deep discounts, but what's your budget for this?
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Response by poster: dersins: I'd like to stay under $250US for this, but am willing to pay more for quality. My current jacket is a Joshua Ross that I got at Casual Male 12 or so years ago and has held up pretty well.
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Same company as casual male but Rochester Big and Tall has much nicer items. My 3XLT husband is a big fan.
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