H1N1 vaccinations in the SF Bay Area
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Do you know where my wife and I can get H1N1 vaccinations in the SF Bay Area BEFORE October 31st? Preferably in the East Bay.

We have a 3 month old baby at home, so we will definitely be getting vaccinated. For reasons that don't need to be discussed here, we'd like to get vaccinated before November starts.

I've called Walgreens and our doctor's office and they don't expect to receive the vaccine for another 2 weeks at least. Do you know anywhere that's giving H1N1 vaccines to the public now?
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I drobe by Kaiser in Richmond this weekend, it looked like they had signs out for it...
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H1N1 vaccines are being highly controlled. San Francisco Public Health Department doesn't have vaccine yet - they are saying early November. I know Kaiser has vaccine now - but if you aren't a member that won't help you much. You could try calling some of the private vaccine clinics downtown - none of them are advertising that they have vaccine available, though.
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According to this there is very little H1N1 vaccine in the bay area, with most expected in late October / early November.
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Check with your pediatrician. We are in TX but got both (although not at the same time) the flu and H1N1 there.
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I just was in a meeting with the Oakland area Dr. in charge of the H1N1 outreach and I asked him your question. He said that most places won't have anything until mid-November. Alta Bates was supposed to get a supply this week, but they've been told two more weeks now. He suggested checking in with the bigger area hospitals as they will get the first supplies. Kaiser does have a supply--and you meet the criteria, but, you have to be a Kaiser member. I'd check with Children's--they are high on the list.
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