Know any good VBA tutorials?
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Can you reccommend VBA tutorials, particularly for MS Excel 2007?

I used to know a tad of VBA that I used in the context of Access databases. However, I need to program some macros to help analyze our search analytics reports. I am floundering a bit -- so I've decided I need to go back to basics and more throroughly learn VBA. I checked previous questions and either they addressed a specific issue or the links provided in the answers are now dead :( I did look at the granddaddy of Excel discussions on the Blue. From there I checked out the Excel Nexus and VB Users pages. Those will be great when I'm beyond the basics, but they not at a tutorial level. I've consulted Google but there are tons of returns and I'm not sure how to tell which are any good.
Thanks for any leads!
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I don't know of any tutorials, and I don't know about previous questions/answers/links, but I found the following useful when learning how to write macros:

My local Excel mentor sent me a bunch of pre-made code nuggets to use. If you memail me an address that will accept attachments, I can send them to you.
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