Who can hire me a car to drive from the UK to the Netherlands?
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I need to hire a car to drive from Bristol, UK and to drop off in Haarlem Netherlands. Avis says no, europecar says no, hertz are difficult to get hold of. Suggestions? Recommendations?
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From what I remember – having worked with someone who was setting up a trade show and doing a similar trip (Brighton, UK to Amsterdam, NL) – Hertz were the option. Probably not going to be cheap.

In fact, it might be cheaper to pay for someone to come with you & drive a hire car back to Bristol.
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I know that both Avis & Hertz will do international one-way rentals within Europe, but will probably charge you a substantial additional fee for the service. You will also probably need to check with the Bristol offices of each company: most rental desks are franchises, and it can be up to the franchise management as to whether they'll offer the service or not.

My wife and I rented with Hertz for a trip from Sweden to the UK this summer: while their initial quote was higher than Avis's, we eventually found that our local Avis desk didn't offer the international drop-off service anyway. By the way, we had a breakdown during our trip, and suffered some terrible customer service from Hertz... so I'd be reluctant to recommend any of the companies!
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How come you can't rent a car in Europe, after having rented one in Bristol? It's not that draining to swap cars.
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Money Saving Expert on car hire abroad.
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Rent car in Bristol. Drive to Asford. Take Eurostar to Brussels. Rent car in Brussels. Drive to Haarlem?
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Asford Ashford
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If you are planning on carrying mostly stuff then have a look at the comparative cost of getting it shipped by a courier from one end to the other. For example Paysend quote about £25 to ship 20Kg from the UK to the Netherlands using a 2 day service.

If you are taking lots of people and their luggage then look at the option of hiring a car in the UK for that portion of the trip - crossing the channel as foot passengers only - and then picking up another car for the other side. The extra cost of shipping your hire car by ferry or tunnel is something you could possibly avoid.
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National will do this, too. But as mentioned, the costs are extravagant. If there's another way to do the trip (ship stuff, get plane/train), I'd do that.
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we're transporting dog and baby. dog has passport but if he gets held up we might have to go back to the port and collect him. rather that was hook of holland not calais.
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I don't mean to pry into your plans, but don't the dog and baby also have to come back from the Netherlands? You can get a rental agreement that allows you to take the car into continental Europe and back far easier and for much less cash than trying to dump a car (which will be UK-registered and have the wheel on the wrong side, among other undesirables) on them in Holland, which might be easier even if the trip is one-way (though obviously you'd have to return).

What about flying? EasyJet and the like will take dogs, in the hold.
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probably forgot an important piece of information: not coming back.
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Fly. If you’re overweight, freight your excess.

Alternatively, for the cost of what Hertz are going to charge you, it will be possible to buy a decent used car and flog it for a song when you get there. Pan-European breakdown cover will give you baby peace of mind and in the event that it does breakdown, you’ll still get to your destination. £250 - £300 all in for this option less whatever you can sell the car for in Holland.
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