Looking for old Harry Potter fanfic.
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Looking for an old, very adult-themed Harry Potter fanfic story (please, don't laugh) I read years ago online. [may be NSFW]

As much as I remember about this story, I can't seem to find it online anywhere. I don't remember which site I read it on; I think it was sometime around 2004 when I found it.

It was set at Hogwarts. It was a romance/erotica story, with the main focus being Harry/Hermione. There were lots of sex scenes; I remember that at one point, they called for help from a sex wizard of some sort who asked for payment in the form of Harry's semen. There was also a chapter about how students at Hogwarts had found a way to enable electronics at the school; therefore, everyone had cell phones and Harry even had an electric wheelchair (he might have hurt his legs/feet?).

When I read this, the story wasn't finished; there were over ten chapters, I think, and they were fairly long.

I'm well aware that this is a long shot, but it's my last resort. Please hope me!
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Well, if nobody here can answer, you might want to head over to fictionalley.org (a harry potter fanfic website) and post in the "Help! I'm looking for..." forum.

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Sounds like you're probably going to have to dive deep into the heart of fandom and get yourself over to Livejournal. Most fanfic communities there are okay with people posting requests like this, and the chances are higher that you'll catch the eye of some oldschool Potter-fan who will remember what you're talking about. You might try hp_fanfiction, or xharryhermione, or accio_fic, for starters. Just be sure to start your post with "Mods, if a request like this isn't okay, please feel free to delete." And then continue with a post similar to this.

For what it's worth, your description could fit an alarming number of Harry Potter fanfics out there. In fact, the most defining aspect is probably the Harry/Hermione part of it. Try checking out the Lost and Found section of the Portkey forums. Portkey is, as far as I know, the biggest and longest-living Harry/Hermione site. (It is also full of nuts and I stay far, far away, but if that's your game, play it!)

Sorry I can't be of more assistance. I was busy reading even creepier stuff about Harry and Snape in 2004 to bother with run-of-the-mill sex wizards and heterosexual erotica.
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Actually your best bet in these kind of situations is a storyfinder comm, like hpstoryfinders for Harry Potter fic.
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Also try restrictedsection.org

Huh, it wouldn't let my link work. Damn.
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I always go to rec lists for stories- do you remember how you found it in the first place? Was there a particular archive you used? Honestly, going through non-recced stories scares the heck out of me, so I'm just going to say try to remember where you originally found it, and any more details about the story. What point of view was it? What was the plot line? Was this pre- or post- Voldemort?
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Other people have given you HP fandom-specific suggestions, which are the best place to try first, but if they don't come through for you, you could also try somewhere more generic like Fandom Lounge.
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