Where should young people live in Providence?
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My barista and her boyfriend have decided to to move to Rhode Island. They plan to leave here (Oregon) this summer. Any advice regarding which parts of Providence (housing, etc.) would be a good fit for these early twenties y/o's?

They want to "experience" the East Coast and are firm about this decision. I have lived in the East but not Northeast so I can't give any advice regarding the area. Any advice would be great so I can pass along.
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Being a Rhode Islander, I'm quick to extol the virtues of the Biggest Little State, but it is as varied as you can imagine. As for Providence, it all depends for what you are looking. For early twenty-somethings, I would recommend the East Side or the Elmhurst sections. These are both college areas, and typically more lively.

As for housing, Providence apartments can be quite expensive. They may be interested in looking at some of the suburbs (Johnston, Cranston, North Providence) that immediately border Providence. I live in Johnston (born and raised) and work in Providence, and love living outside of the city, while not being too far away from the Providence nightlife.

I'd be happy to answer specific questions, feel free to e-mail me at the address in my profile.
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Does it have to be Providence? Anywhere in RI is going to be within an hour of the city, so is there a reason it has to be Providence proper?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. They (and I) know that RI is small so I am sure that a commute to work, etc. wouldn't be a problem wherever they land in the state. They want to experience that part of the US and have picked RI for reasons known to them. This is an adventure (she is getting a lump sum from a family inheritance) and they want to branch out on their own. Any advice is appreciated.
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They'd probably want to live in downtown providence, federal hill or hope street area, which is where the younger grungier artier crowd hangs out. If they have money, they can try to find a place in college hill or the east side (not to be confused with east providence).

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If they want to live in a cool neighborhood, either Hope Street or the East Side sounds like the plan. Providence is a very funky place, especially for twenty-somethings. They should volunteer for WaterFire and meet some nice people.
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Response by poster: Wow. I had no idea- This info will invigorate them fer sure.
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glad this thread is here: Providence might be in my future in about two years. I've been rather skeptical about for complicated reasons, but hearing about the "funky" gives it a nice start.
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It's a great city. (When I was there for college, the housing stock was also ridiculously cheap compared to, say, Boston.) My college roommate and his wife live just over the city limits in Pawtucket; I don't know if your friends are going to be concerned with school districts, but if affordability is an issue and they don't need to live within walking distance of AS220, they might want to look there. The Hope Street recommendation is also a good one, and they'll be slightly less overrun by irritating college students such as my former self.
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The east side Providence/Pawtucket border is not a bad bet for affordability and convenience. That's where I live. But I'd live closer to downtown and the actual east side if it were practical for me.
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They're hell-bent on RI, huh? If that should change and they want a taste of the real New England, tell 'em to come on up to Portland. ;)

*sits back and lets flame war ensue.*
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For the record, it's pronounced "P'tucket". You'll sound native. Especially if you order a grinder and cabinet.
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