Half-naked lady hippo t-shirt
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Where can I find a t-shirt of a half-naked lady atop a hippo?

So imagine you're in a clothing store on Bergmannstra├če in Kreuzberg. You find a wonderfully designed t-shirt with a picture of a semi-nude woman perched on top of a hippopotamus. Trouble is the only size left is XL and you're barely pushing M. You forget to take note of the designer.

Skip forward a few weeks and you're back on your home continent, now realising some of the other clothes bought are made by international companies, aren't exclusive to Berlin, and have online stores. The hippo shirt is probably no different.

Now imagine you're an AskMeFi user, reading a post by someone who wants to find this shirt, or at least the company that made it. How can you help?
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Best answer: Just popping in to say that here's a previous ask.me about a naked lady on a hippo: http://ask.metafilter.com/88024/Look-at-the-knockers-on-that-hippo
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Response by poster: Wow I wasn't expecting that! I promise to search next time, no matter how obscure the question :D

The shirt could very well have been a direct rip of Mel Ramos' Hippopotamus, though in black and white and with scenery in the background.
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This is a little late, but I do volunteer work in that part of town, so I browse the Bergmannstrasse boutiques a lot: do you remember what the store was called? I'll try to keep an eye out for you.
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