How do you open a childproof zipper?
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How do you open a childproof zipper on an Ikea children's mattress cover?

We want to take off the cloth mattress cover on my son's Ikea mattress. It has a zipper on one end that appears to be childproof. See photos. But we'll be jiggered if we can figure out how to release it. I've tried pulling it with needle-nose pliers, I've tried twisting, prying, bending, pushing, bumping, jerking, snapping, wrenching, and doing the Mashed Potato. You can see the marks in the photo where my needle-nosed pliers have soiled it a bit. I've tried a paper clip. I've also googled this question to great frustration, with this story about a product from a different company sounding tantalizingly close but still insufficient to solving our problem.

Can you help? How do we release that zipper without simply destroying it?
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Is the cloth stuck in the zipper? If so, have you tried pulling down (into the mattress) on the cloth while trying to push the zipper?
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Response by poster: The cloth is not stuck in the zipper. It's not broken as far as we can tell. The thing is, it's a childproof zipper. It's not a normal zipper.
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Best answer: Here are instructions for opening a "child safety lock zipper" on a beanbag...does that help?

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Response by poster: That's it! I had been trying a *big* paperclip, not a small one.
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