Chicken Soup with Rice song
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Anyone remember a non-Carole King version of the song "Chicken Soup with Rice"?

I am looking for a recording of the song "Chicken Soup with Rice." A google search only yielded a recording by Carole King on the "Really Rosie" album. This isn't the version I remember; the one I remember is of a man with a deep, nasally voice singing. I think this particular version accompanied the paperback version (not the Nutshell Library) of the book. (Note: this is camcgee's wife, borrowing my husband's account)
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I had this Scholastic record in the early 80s. It says "Sung by Gail Swain and friends." That's not Carole King, but it's not the man you're remembering either, I'll guess.
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Yes, there is an off-Broadway musical called Really Rosie. It's an incredible production, however there are not many copies available for sale, and even then, it is only available in cassette tape format. You can download it here. Enjoy!
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