Bob, would you and Living Praise Choir lead us in 'To God Be the Glory?'
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Help me identify the source of this Guided By Voices sample.

Can anyone identify the source of the spoken-word sample that begins "Expecting Brainchild" from Vampire on Titus? My google-fu fails me.
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I doubt you'll ever find it. Part of the lo-fi aesthetic was to use a lot of 'found' sounds - Bob probably recorded it from his TV one night.

There seem to be quite a few Living Praise Choirs. Here's one on Facebook. It even has "Bob & Debbie Mason, Directors 1980's". Maybe he's your Bob. Why not get in touch and see if he recognises the sample?
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Have you asked this over at Disarm The Settlers?

Those dudes know everything about GBV (and, in fact, some of them know Bob Pollard personally).
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