What style of armchair did I buy?
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What style of armchair did I buy? Also, what are some good books/websites for answering this kind of question?

I bought a chair the other day at a thrift store, and I'm trying to identify its style/period. Pictures here and here--the chair is actually much brighter in reality, a loud marigold yellow.

I'm thinking it must be a mishmash of styles from the '70s or '80s, based on the color alone, although it's in pretty good shape except for some fading so it may newer than that. So, my secondary question is, what are some good reference materials (online or off) for answering this kind of question? Is there something like A Field Guide to American Houses, but for furniture?
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BackGarage is a great website for this sort of thing. Check out the posts with the "what is it" tag.
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Apartment Therapy is a good spot for this question. They have a "good questions" feature where you can send in questions like this. Search for the tag "good questions" in the AT subsite city nearest you - they print the email address on the bottom of all questions posts. Good luck! The people on AT know their stuff and you probably have a decent chance finding your answer there.
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Best answer: Loud marigold! I recognize that! BTW, is it a rocker? The colour says late 60s through 70s for those, like my mum, who fell in love with the colour and sought it forever after. It looks like one of those things designed to go with ornate swag, pole and rain lamps, marble topped round pedestal tables on faux gold florentine bases, lots of gilded kitsch and flowery things, you get the picture. Very lady's chair. Looks like velvet. This could go with 60s mod as in mod vs rockers, aka, teddy boys (velvet jackets) vs rockers (bad boys in leather.) I think the style of the chair is more, dare I say it, Hollywood Regency, given the shape of the back, but the colour and fabric is more 60s.
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I agree, a late Hollywood Regency piece. Funky, but looks comfy!
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Response by poster: Fantastic, thank you!

It does have a velvety fabric, but isn't a rocker. The chair fits right in with my avocado green kitchen appliances in my weird little apartment.
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