Pre-wedding shave in Toronto
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Pre-wedding shave in Toronto: Where should I go this Saturday for a straight blade shave? Downtown preferred but I do have a car.

Also, not to sound snarky, but would prefer recommendations based on personal experience vs. places that just look the part. (i.e. Old school barbers are cool, Shakey-handed old school barbers not so much.)
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Best answer: Truefitt & Hill. Haven't spent the $47 on a shave, but I have absolutely no doubt that they would do it right. I'll MeMail you a suggestion for a particular barber there, but I'm sure any of them would be great.
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I thought about this just before I got married because I really liked the idea, but got warned off, because some people come react quite badly and end up with slightly sore skin.

Shorter version: perhaps not such a great idea if you haven't had one before.
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I can offer a second-hand endorsement of Truefitt & Hill's shave.
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Seconding MuffinMan. After I had my first (and only) professional shave, my face was red and painful for 2 days.
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Response by poster: MuffinMan: Thanks for the warning, but I've had straight blade shaves in the past. My skin has come out okay. This one is more an issue of I want to be able to relax and not worry about wearing bits of toilet paper for pictures in the afternoon :)

I've got a noon apt. at T&H. Will post afterwards with review.
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Well dismistree, I wish you the best of British luck for your wedding. Have a great day.
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Response by poster: Great shave - worth the $47 and no redness to speak of afterward. In fact, my barber said that she was going to take it easy around that areas of my neck that looked like they could get sensitive.

All in all, it was quite a relaxing way to start my wedding day, and as a bonus they had a great selection of cufflinks (I was looking for a particular pair to wear in reference to an inside-joke Mrs. D and I share). I'd spent the entire week before trying to find a pair, with no luck ex-Harry Rosen, and here I found similar but more affordable pair .
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