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What's a good free font that I can use to replicate the mechanical font used on boarding passes and concert tickets? It generally looks like it's made up of dots.

I need to design a fake boarding pass looking invitation slip for an event, and want the font to be authentic looking. What font should I use, and where can I download it free?
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Best answer: Any of these work?
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Best answer: dot matrix fonts?
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jinx, The Deej!
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You might like the "Fake Receipt" font from Larabie Fonts (here's a different download page at dafont.com). Uppercase letters only. It's free.

(Have you ever seen the images generated by the Concert Ticket Maker at says-it.com? If so, then you've seen the font in action. The "original" style ticket maker uses Fake Receipt, as mentioned in the site's FAQ. I'm not sure what font the "modern" style ticket maker uses -- it has lowercase letters, and it definitely looks very fitting/familiar for a concert ticket context.)

If you need lowercase letters, then the list posted by The Deej and amyms has plenty of choices. There's also the appropriately-named "Dot Matrix" font from Moonbase Press and probably a bunch of others out there.
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You may want to have a look at monospaced fonts, terminal fonts, and OCR-A to narrow down what you're looking for. I'm hesitant to suggest dot matrix fonts since, at least in my experience in the US, I can't recall seeing true dot matrix being used on airport/airline documents in 20 or 30 years, in fact even then I think they used some sort of high-output daisy wheel technology. Here, one of the sans-serif monospaced fonts would be most believable.
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(actually to be accurate maybe it's line printer technology I'm thinking of, but now I do recall seeing dot matrix tickets and carbons around 1988-1994, but I realize it might be different in Australia).
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much!
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