Going to Barcelona for a week, interested in modern art / public art, what to see or do? Traveling with wife and newborn
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Headed to Barcelona next week, traveling with wife & newborn, interested in public art & modern art. What to see or do?

We'll be there Oct 26-31. Aside from seeing Gaudí's buildings, no plans of yet. Our daughter is 3 months old.
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If you're interested in seeing the the early works of a a little known modern artist named Picasso then I would recommend the Picasso museum.
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See this list for a few more details of places that might be of interest, including the Picasso museum mentioned above, I would also recommend the Miro Foundation from the list, packed with Miro's work as well as others.
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Public art, you say? Park Guëll.
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We stumbled upon this Dali exhibit on the last day of our trip there - definitely one of the highlights of our stay... I highly recommend it!
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You can't avoid Gaudi, but I found the Batllo house a lot more interesting and engaging than bigger stuff.

But Gaudi (or Dali, whose house/museum is a daytrip to Figueres) ultimately had a lot less impact on modern architecture, if not modern art, and style (for better or worse) than Mies van der Rohe. You should see his Barcelona Pavilion if you're at all interested in modernism and bauhaus.
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Seconding Park Guëll. Fantastic place.
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The two main art museums in Barcelona are the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) nestling at the foot of Montjuic, and Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) between La Rambla and Raval... Both are worth a look; the second may be more to your tastes.
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Not exactly art, but a very cool thing to see (and the baby might even be momentarily distracted by the bright colors and sounds!) is the Barcelona Magic Fountain of Montjuic.
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There are a few interesting things left over from the Olympics. There's a Gehry piece shaped like a fish over by the new beach. And a crazy TV tower up on the hill near the Olympic stadium.
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Best answer: If you're interested in architecture/landscape, the Jardí Botanic on Montjuic (near the Olympic area) is really remarkable, and it's worth experiencing. (Self-linkingly, my photos are here, which might give you a sense of the landscape.) The Miro museum is nearby on the hill, and the Barcelona Pavilion is at the base of the hill too. There's a funicular running up/down it, which is quick and not too busy.

Also, a rough Google map I made when planning a trip for a group of architecture students. It's a bit shorthandy, but it might be of use - some things, like Torre Agbar and the Forum Building, totally didn't do it for me, but they're on there anyway, and I'll spare you me going on more about architecture, beyond saying that Barcelona's planning (like the Eixample by Cerda), public spaces and built enviroment rewards low-key exploring, which might suit if being with baby makes organised museums hard work.

Also, if you're interested in Gaudi, you might like some of the other Modernisme (Casa Battlo is beside Casa Mila, for one, and Palau de la Musica Catalana is amazing inside.)
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um, there's also the reconstructed Barcelona Pavilion, FFS. Barcelona is so awesome. Way too much to see in 6 days. Especially with all the sangria on the ramblas.
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oops, carbide beat me to it.

my favorites: Parc Guell, the Miro and Picasso museums, and colonia guell.
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Response by poster: Jardí Botanic was indeed remarkable. Also (having visited)-- I highly recommend checking out Jardins de Joan Brossa as well. Beautiful park filled with aesthetically pleasing rope playgrounds, bouncey steps that make musical notes when you jump on them, and other things to discover. It left a lasting impression. You can ride the funicular up and stop halfway down to get there.

Parents, when visiting Park Guëll, take my advice and leave the stroller at home. We brought ours and it was a major pain! The park is not that friendly for wheels. Baby carrier will make your life easier.
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