Seeking wide calved boots!
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Help me find a very specific type of wide-calf boot.

My calves are 16 inches around, which puts me firmly in the (ass kicking) wide-calf range. I'm also short (5'4"), so some knee high boots are too tall. I'd like a pair that are between 12 and 14" tall from the floor, have a heel of 1" or less, are okay to wear in the rain and snow, don't have elastic on them, have good traction on the bottoms since I'm a huge klutz and come in a darkish brown. I'd like to spend no more than $250.

I've looked online, at Nordstrom's and at REI and haven't found anything. This is basically what I'm looking for, but the calves aren't big enough and they're more than I want to spend. These are also close, but I don't like the elastic.

Help! My calves are cold!
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Have you tried Modista or Endless?
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I bought these a while back. The calf was a bit too big for me, so I sent them back, but they were pretty comfortable. And they are super cheap right now.
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Response by poster: runningwishscissors: Modista's UI isn't quite right for this search and I'm looking at endless now. Thanks.

sulaine: I need all smooth leather, since suede will get messed up in the wet.
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Have you checked
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Response by poster: elsietheeel: I have. I like the Malmo, but the reviews make me question the quality of them. I'm in the US, so buying from the UK if I'm going to have to return them makes me nervous, especially since they only have a ten day return window.
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These are suede again, but the opening is 16". I can't find the measurements for other Bronx boots, but maybe you could contact them to see if any of the leather ones are the same?
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These are 15 1/2".
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J. Crew makes boots with extended calf sizes. These are slightly more expensive than you want but my J. Crew boots have lasted forever and are great.
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Can't help with the boot search, but wanted to say that my snow boots are suede and I have successfully waterproofed them with a protective spray (bought at shoe store or shoe repair shop).
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Best answer: These are even better - I think they're shorter and the heel is slightly less and they're cheaper.
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Response by poster: otherwordlyglow: Those are just about right! I don't know if I can swing the price, though. :(
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Response by poster: I think the Templetons are the current front runner! Thanks!
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Here is one that is considerable cheaper that is 16", but not real leather.
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I would also recommend J.Crew boots. I have a tall zip up black pair, extended calf w/1" heel that I bought nine years ago and still wear every year. It was such a relief to find boots that fit around my calf, as I spent a lot of frustrating hours shopping at various stores before trying J.Crew.

Also, I'm not sure what your time frame is, but if you don't mine waiting a few weeks, sign up for their email list. I get offers every week or two; the latest was 20% off orders of $150 or more, ending 10/14. More frequently they offer free shipping of $150 or more orders. So you could save a bit that way.
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columbia's camden boot seem large in the calves, from what i've heard. not sure if they are too wintery, though.
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