What was that video called?
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What's this kids sing-along video I'm remembering from the '80s?

When I was very young (in the mid to late '80s) I had a VHS sing-along tape that I watched all the time. Just to satisfy my own weird curiosity, I'm trying to figure out what it was now. It's like an itch that I can't scratch.

The theme was using your imagination. At one point somebody says "it's scientifically impossibleā€¦ but imaginatively true" or something to that effect. I remember that all the sets were very sparse. There were a number of kids, and a pirate villain who becomes friendly at the end.

Some of the songs that I remember:

Yellow Submarine
Going on a Bear Hunt
Pop Goes the Weasel (I think?)
STOPā€¦ In The Name of Fish (before you go kersplish)

Is this ringing any bells? I'm just trying to get a title so I can look it up on IMDb or maybe find some clips on YouTube to jog the old memory. I'm suspecting this video was pretty obscure.
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At a slight stretch the song you are thinking of might be "Talk to the Animals" from Dr Doolittle. The lyrics partly fit what you are talking about. Not sure about the video
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Response by poster: Good suggestion, but the video in question was a self-contained sing-along show, about 30 minutes long or so. I guess it's even more obscure than I realized (even with a popular song licensed, I assume, from the Beatles).
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