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Is there a proper term for this type of mixed media art project?

I'm wondering if there is a term for an art project that I'm envisioning. It would combine both photographs and creative writing like an essay, and possibly even other art forms such as collage or sketchs. Both (or all) components would be equally important, i.e. not exactly an essay with illustrations, and not a photographic display with captions.

Is there an encompassing term for a project such as this? Do you know the names of any artists who are creating such a project or know where any examples of something like this could be viewed (or the web or otherwise).

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!
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How would those elements be presented?
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Response by poster: I'm envisioning something similar to a blog format, but I would be interested any type of projects containing these elements....books, magazines, etc.
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If it were in a gallery space, I'd call it an installation.
If it were a single piece, I'd call it assemblage.

Unfortunately, I can't think of a proper word for an online or book-form presentation.
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"Portfolio" is the first thing that springs to mind, but that's usually more of a sampling than a single piece in and of itself.

And unless someone has a more specific term, "book" or "website" would probably be best.

As for examples, Carl Jung's Red Book (Metafilter, Wikipedia) comes to mind. The artwork in it is said to be as important as the words.
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It just sounds like a book/website to me.

Even if it were in a gallery, I don't think it would be an installation since it sounds like you're envisioning a series of discrete but related pieces which presumably would be individually presented/framed. Then it would probably just be a "series of work" or somesuch.
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I don't think what you're thinking of doing is at all unusual in contemporary art but I'm not aware of a specific term. I've never really thought one was necessary - I'd just call it a mixed-media piece incorporating text, photographs, sketches and other elements. Genre-bending is pretty much the norm for a lot of contemporary practice and too much nomenclature can be constraining.

Do some research into Conceptual Art to familiarise yourself with some similar works (I recommend this book). For the creative writing angle, look into Sophie Calle. Her work uses photography and text in an interesting way - she uses the authenticity of the photograph and the authority of text to create pieces that are (almost) internally consistent, but yet are essentially unverifiable externally (i.e. outside of the works themselves). I love her work but many people hate it (I do find the narrative voice grating, but in a good way). Have a look, if nothing else it will broaden your thinking around image and text.
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