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Who are the top concept artists working in video games and film today?

Bonus points for links to portfolios.
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Rich Mahon
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 11:08 AM on October 15, 2009

David Levy
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There's a fair selection of artists highlighted on - a mixture of video game, comic, storyboard, fine artists, book illustrators, etc.

Besides the highlighted artists on the main page, many more (especially from the video game industry) post in the forums there.
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Yoshitaka Amano
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Samwise Didier
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I don't know about 'the best', but I had these bookmarked:
James Clyne
Harald Belker

There was a Mefi post not too long ago to Concept Art World, with some artist links.

And I'm still a big fan of Doug Chiang, but I'm not sure what he's been up to lately. Doesn't look like the site's been updated in awhile.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I'm specifically wondering about the go-to artists for big projects. These links are all helpful.
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Massive Black.
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