How can I backup my iPhone messages?
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How can I back up message threads on my iPhone (3G, O2-UK) into a text file or PDF?

An ideal solution would be that offered by Syphone though it does not appear to support the latest versions of iPhone software. I'm sure there must be a successor to this programme, though I'll be damned if I can find it.

Help, please?
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Best answer: Phoneview lets you export sms messages to a txt file. If you need to do it as a one off there's a free demo. Otherwise it's not too expensive and is a pretty useful bit of software for accessing your phone. For Windows there's TouchCopy. It's a little pricier (but also has a free demo), and I can't vouch for it.
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seconding PhoneView if you're on a Mac - works great.
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Air Sharing seems to be a pretty popular app. I haven't used it but it has been well reviewed. It's $4.99 to buy.
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Or you could just do screenshots by pressing home and power keys.
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