Hipster Halloween, Spooky Scary!
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Help me find some tshirts from a music video. Barring that, I'm going to need a simple costume that will pass hipster muster.

On Friday night, I am having a party. Ideally, I would wear the "Smoke Machine" t-shirt from Ladyhawke's Dusk Till Dawn music video (@2:25). Or really any other shirt from the video, or even an approximation.

The catch is that it has to arrive by Friday. I will pay for overnight shipping, because I really love throwing parties and am crazy. I'm not kidding, I already tried to overnight a shirt from Australia.

BARRING THAT: I need a good, simple Halloween-style costume. It should pass the Mean Girls test in that I look hot in it. All the people I care about impressing at my party could be considered hipsters, so that should provide a little guidance. They will get your in-joke or at least appreciate it. The theme of the party is "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah." FYI, I'm a dude.

Finally: if we go the costume route, it has to be easy. I don't have more than a couple hours to devote to it in the next two days.

Thank you all!
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Not to sound snarky, but Werewolf Bar Mitzvah seems to be a pretty damn popular party theme among the hipster devotion. I know nothing about getting a shirt like that, but I suggest you turn to Look at This Fucking Hipster site for any and all (retarded)* hipstery clothing.

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Ha, how did I know that's the video you were going to be asking about?

Unfortunately, I've been looking for those for a while now and have never turned anything up, other than getting someone to make one for you who does that sort of thing.
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Why not just make one? It seems pretty easy to do for a throw away party shirt costume thing, and really calls for some custom craftery. You can get a set of fabric markers for cheap. Hell, even just Sharpies. Or REALLY fancy it up with a photoshoped stencil painted with screen print ink which can be bought at an art supply store, along with the additive that printers use to make glow in the dark ink! More cheaply, you can use regular acrylic paint and mix it half-and-half with Textile Medium Gel -- Wal Mart has this and probably glow in the dark paint too. You won't be able to get anyone to screen print it for you with a turn around by Friday, but isn't DIY-ing even more hipster-approved?

As for the mask, umm, you could probably melt a record in the oven and mold it around your face (using a towel between!) to get that "smokey" edge look. I'd try that. Interested to know what you end up doing!
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I own this Belle & Sebastian shirt. I love it, because it's a really subtle shirt that only impresses B&S true fans - it's from the album cover of Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Plus, look how cute the model wearing the t-shirt looks on the website.

I also dressed up as Bjork when she wore the swan dress. It went down very well and I found the costume fairly easy to make. Here's one person's instructions on how to make the outfit, although I didn't follow this and just winged it.

If in doubt, try and pull off Karen O, any of the hot outfits Zooey wears in this clip, or maybe even Ladyhawke in the Paris is Burning clip (Snoopy shirt, etc)?

Good luck!
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If you have a trench coat and an old portable stereo, I'd suggest going as Lloyd Dobler. You can probably get a cheap trenchcoat second-hand, if need be.
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