Where to find gutta percha?
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How to obtain gutta percha? Once used to fashion tintype cases and to insulate the first trans-atlantic cable, it's since fallen out of fashion. Now, it's primary application is for the filling of root canals. Where can I find some in sufficient quantity for a craft project?
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Dharma Trading.
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uh, with one caveat -- those are thinned to a rubber-cement consistency, or a little thinner. If you need a more solid product, those might not work.
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Response by poster: That's a start! I'm looking for something a bit more solid - something that I can pour into a mold or do some basic carving with.
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you must've acquired some hickory shafts; perhaps a mashie? a niblick?

google turns up:

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As you no doubt know, gutta percha can be used in weapons of mass destruction. Hence its distribution has been curtailed by the TSA.
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megatherium: The TSA does not have the jurisdiction to control the distribution of a material, nor is gutta percha listed as a prohibited item. Nor can I find anything indicating it is controlled by the ATF, the most likely federal agency to have oversight. It's basically a form of latex.
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Response by poster: I believe megatherium was being facetious.

But after a few more days of searching, I'm resolved to the fact that gutta perhca is not easily obtained in the US. Short of importing massive quantities from Asia, I believe I'm out of luck.

I'm considering polymer clay or something similar as a substitute.
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aladfar, this may be a long shot, but try asking on the civil war reenactors forum. I know there is someone there that is somewhat active that makes cases for wet plate photographers and, the group as a whole is pretty helpful at finding hard to find chemicals.
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