How to use a different default funding source?
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How can I get a visual warning every time I pay for something with Paypal, warning me to change my payment source?

This Greasemonkey script would do what I want, but it's US-centric, so it doesn't work with the UK version of ebay, or apparently any UK Paypal sites. It could just be out of date, I guess. I use Firefox, always.

Is there another method by which I can get some kind of visual reminder (preferably a big neon sign...) that I'm on a Paypal payment page and that I should take a look at my payment source?

[I don't want to open another account with Paypal, as I already have a credit card associated with my current account, which means they won't let me register it again with a new account. Nor do I want to remove my bank account from my Paypal account, as I sometimes find it useful. Paypal don't offer any way to set a credit card as a default payment method, as it costs them more in fees. And no, "just remembering" isn't enough, sadly.]
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I had the same problem when I moved last year---but eventually I copped wise and just changed which one was the DEFAULT account.

You can do that, even with multiple funding sources. Check into it.

You maintain all the sources, you just change which one gets selected first.
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Best answer: Take that Greasemonkey script and change the two lines at the top (and any others I didn't notice) from "" to "" and I believe it will work as-is.
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I couldn't figure how to remove the bank account as the main payer for Paypal. So I ended up removing my bank account and just keeping the credit card. But I can understand why you wouldn't want that.

I don't think there is an option to change the order of payment in Paypal. I checked a few months ago. Also, Paypal has THE WORST web pages on the planet. It's impossible to navigate my settings and options in a logical way.

My computer was stolen and I was reseting passwords, every site took me ~1 minute but Paypal took literally 10 minutes to just find where to reset my password!
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Response by poster: The script I mention above (v1.1) has Instant Transfer in the source. When I changed it to Instant Bank Transfer, it started working, for sending money on Paypal at least. I have yet to test it with ebay.
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Response by poster: It works very well with Ebay too. Going through the payment process gets flagged right away.
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