Those Kitten Socks are So Hawt
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How can I stay sexy in the winter without getting frostbite?

My usually winter bedtime wear consists of sweatpants and a huge red, Coca Cola bear sweatshirt. I also wear socks. It's not a get-up that inspires much affection from my fiance and I feel rather frumpy all winter. Are there any attractive, flattering, warm winter pajamas out there?

Bonus points for easy, um, accessibility.
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Best answer: Speaking as a male, let me just say, long flannel nightshirt. Please do keep the socks.
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Best answer: Get a lot of thigh high stockings and socks.
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Best answer: The sweatpants have to go, I'm afraid, but you can get some thigh-high cozy 'socks' that can be awfully sexy. As a bonus, they'll keep your toes warm without normal socks being necessary.

Combining those with a long, button-down* shirt that doesn't quite cover everything would make me melt, anyway.

* or better for playing Winter Ravage: snaps!
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Also, if you can close your bedroom up, an electric space heater can give you summer-or-hotter temperatures in that one room, along with a nice orange-red candle-light or 'fireplace' glow to the room. A pretty good romantic hack, anyway.
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Thermals, that fit properly to show your shape? Silk ones are nice. They come off very easily. The silk ones look almost as good on the floor as lingerie, especially if you get them in black.
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Cuddl Duds. Very soft and silky and warm. Mr. Arkham finds them quite attractive and calls them my "superhero pants," but then he's kind of a comics nerd.
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silk long underwear?
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Best answer: Sock-dreams!
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Best answer: Maybe I'm just crazy, and I know I'm not answering your specific question about PJs but--I used to have this problem too, and then discovered the best solution was actually a combo of my boyfriend's new fancy high-tech (as in much safer than the crappy old ones I remembered as firetraps from my childhood) electric blanket, sexy legwarmers from and/or, and uh, nothing else. A warm robe or occasionally some of those very flattering flannel oversized nightshirts mentioned above, if I have to get up out of bed to answer the door or something. But I found bare skin sealed up (don't let the bedsheets or comforter let air in; tuck them neatly) with my guy's made the bed super toasty.

(Cats/pets sleeping on you helps too.)
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A thick fluffy feather comforter always kept me warm enough in the winter I could sleep in much, MUCH less.
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The flannel nightshirt sounds good. Just watch cotton flannel around the space heater or fireplace.
It can burn extremely quickly, and fabric softeners (PDF) will make it burn even faster.
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a white v-neck american apparel t-shirt + knee-high or thigh-high socks = very happy mr. anthropomorphic in chicago winters. i try for my bed to keep me warm rather than my bedclothes.
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Ha. mr. desjardins calls my winter getup "Frederick's of North Dakota."

Another vote for a space heater, and I'll add the suggestion of a heated mattress pad. Heat the room and the bed, then you two can make your own heat. After he's sleeping, you can put the sweats back on. :)
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Best answer: Silk long underwear for you and possibly for him. Has a nice slippery feel when you rub it up against another person. Cuddl Duds are a great in-betweeny option.
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Whatever suggestions you look up, he should probably be looking over your shoulder, so you can gauge his interest.
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Don't treat the symptoms (cold feet, extremities, etc..).
Fix the cause.
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I've had M&S thermals sent over on a semi-regular basis for a while. The options for women are pretty decent, too. Not as slinky as silk, but they do the job and they look pretty decent.

They deliver internationally now, so expats who have been deprived of M&S skimpies can rejoice.
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satin nightgown
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Just get a warmer comforter. Nothing else is required and I do mean nothing else. If one comforter is not enough then two should work.
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A duvet or comforter scaled to keep one or more bodies warm in winter, and/or flannel sheets, should give you the freedom to wear as much or as little as you like. Keep a warm robe by the bed if needed.

But if you use flannel sheets and also decide to wear sexy flannel -- well, remember the flannelboard your kindergarten teacher used at storytime? Yeah, that. Being stuck to the sheets may be either feature or bug for you, so choose wisely.
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In addition to more/thicker blankets and comforters and the thigh-high socks, I will also heat up one of those microwaveable neck heaters with rice or beans in them. I'll stick it in bed a minute or two before I get in, then push it down to my feet where it continues keeping me warm.
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Flannel sheets.
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Hot water bottles.
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Sheepskin rug under you on the bed keeps you nice and warm (preheat before you get in if you need to). Combine this with a wool blanket and a down comforter, and you can be comfy or possibly even too hot in the altogether or wearing sweet little nothings at below freezing temperatures.
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Seriously - down comforter. I usually end up kicking off my socks and PJ pants even in the middle of winter. Added bonus: neither of you will want to get out of bed ;) ;) (Which is a major negative on a cold, rainy morning such as today!)
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If you opt for the bedding rather than the outfit route, I'd recommend getting a comforter/blanket one size larger than your bed. Ex: king comforter on a queen bed. The extra length keeps the blanket snatcher at bay and you warmer. Sorry, no suggestions if you are already sleeping on a king.
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Best answer: Body stocking / catsuit beneath sweats, to be found as a surprise.
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Body stocking / catsuit beneath sweats, to be found as a surprise.

Excellent idea. This would go over extremely well in the desjardins household.
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Nthing silk. Silk pj pants, little tank top, silk robe. Comfy and sexy and surprisingly warm.

Love the Sock Dreams, too.
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Satin with the brushed lining.
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Best answer: Consider the possibilities inherent in the iconic drop-seat union suit.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the very helpful suggestions! I think I'll be trying several of them out in the future.

So excited for the giant Sock Dreams socks as well!
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