Where did my Little Java Link Go ?
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I found a great Java programming site awhile back. I was given a programming task and could get immediate feedback on whether or not it was correct. Tasks were things like, test if two integers are equal and 'reverse a string'. It was targeted toward learning .. but I seem to recall the tasks had advancing levels of complexity. This is not Java BlackBelt. I can't believe I didn't bookmark it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Best answer: Is it this? I found this site helpful when I took my java course.
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Response by poster: Totally It ! WOW !

Okay .. so that was fast .. but I appreciate any other links that do something similar.
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This is great. I'm going to use it on the Java course I'm teaching right now.
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That's a great set of exercises... allow me to tag on the coattails of your question, duckus.

Does anyone know of a similar site for c# (or other .NET languages)? I'd love to a set of exercises like that for our interns or aspiring developers during the occasional downtime so that they end up being productive and not doing things like... ummm... reading AskMe. ;-)
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Project Euler is highly respected by the best programmers I have known. It is programming language agnostic, I know one person who learns new programming languages by solving each of the Project Euler problems in that language.

It is more concerned with challenging analytic and algorithmic thinking skills than it is with learning the bread and butter of using a particular language in the workplace though.
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Seconding Project Euler as an excellent targeted problem solving / learning set of exercises.
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