Where do sleeping geese lie?
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Where do sleeping geese end up?

I often see geese sleeping on the river. What happens to them? Do they end up downstream and wake up confused?
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They are capable of Unihemispheric slow-wave sleep. They are literally half alseep.
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So does half asleep mean that they paddle to keep themselves in one place?
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They're probably aware enough to notice when their surroundings have changed, and then either move back to where they were, or stay where they are. I'd guess, though, that they choose a position where there's little current to move them about.
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I have seen swans on a very clear canal and you can see their feet paddling even though they seem to be asleep (head resting on back, eyes not all the way closed). The swans don't get near enough the edges of this canal to allow a grab at them, and they don't drift far enough to go bouncing down some of the six-inch waterfalls placed here and there.
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