Herpes blood test in NYC
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Where to get a herpes blood test in NYC?

I have been in an exclusive relationship with a man for the last few months. Previous to our getting together, he was married for 10 years to a woman with genital herpes. They always took precautions to abstain when she had an outbreak to prevent her passing it to him. But, as he assumed they would be married forever, he did not worry about it too much.

He did not realize until his most recent doctor visit that it was possible to contract herpes even when avoiding sex during an outbreak. After his doctor visit, he told me about this issue, sincerely apologizing for not bringing it up earlier, as he didn’t realize there would be any risk.

Neither he nor I have ever had any symptoms/outbreaks, but we want to get tested just to make sure. We are both recent transplants to NYC, and neither of us have health insurance or a GP (his recent doctor visit was before he moved). I called both Planned Parenthood and NYC Department of Health, and neither provides blood tests. They will only test current lesions.

So where is a free/cheap/sliding-scale clinic that will provide blood tests for both a male and a female in NYC?
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Can you get to Callen-Lorde?
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