Under the Milky Way song on TV
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Who is the artist performing the song "Under the Milky Way" by The Chuch on the new Lincoln-Mercury ads? Saw the ad on "Fringe" and "House". Good viewings selections, heh?
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I think it's Sia. It appears the full song is not out yet. Lovely, no?
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Supposed source from ad agency confirms that it's Sia.

And I cannot stand that they are using this song for a car commercial. Get off my lawn!
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I heard the commercial a while back and immediately thought it was Zero 7. Which seems to point towards Sia.
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You know, our site Adtunes is the source (at least one of the first anyway) that Sia did the vocals, but apart from that single message post claiming that she is the singer, I have yet to see any sort of official word on this. People have asked Sia via her Twitter account, but so far she hasn't responded. Anyone know of any official confirmation?
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Well, just to follow-up, this was finally confirmed by Lincoln, and you can download "Under the Milky Way" by Sia for free from the Lincoln website.
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