A cute bra in a large size?
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Does anyone know where I can find a bra with a super cute and girly pattern in a larger size?

Last time I was at Target, I saw all these super cute cotton bras with patterns--stars, butterflies, rainbow dots, whatever (like this one or this one from Victoria's Secret. Those are not the best examples, but clearly I don't know where to look!) Anyway, few of these bras are sized above a 34 or 36 C, and none are in my size. So where can I get a cute bra (probably intended at the 15-year-old set, but I don't care) in a larger size (38D or above)? In my experience, larger size bras are generally staid in terms of color/pattern.

Note that I am not looking for sexy/lacy/whatever, just cute and fun.
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VS goes up to a 38DD in some of their cute patterned cotton bras. An upscale-ish department store will have larger sizes in cute bras (in St. Louis/midwest, I preferred Dillards). We also have an awesome lingerie specialty store in St. Louis - Ann's Bra Shop that has an online shop. You might be able to find one in your area, too.
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Ooh, you're totally right about VS cotton--they do have some cute patterns! (They just don't have them in stores, I guess). Thanks! (But I am happy to hear more ideas as well.)
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Torrid has a few cute things.
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I have been a fan of Lane Bryant's Cacique line of bras & underwear. They carry only the larger sizes (probably 36B and above).

The selection online is bad (mostly the heavy looking lace), but I often see bright colors and patterns in the stores, especially on the sale racks! I know they had a lot of that this past spring and summer.
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Some of Aerie's bras go up to 38DD, not sure if they have the full size range in stores or online only.
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Thanks, those are all really awesome!
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Check for the "curvy fit" in the Flirtitude brand at JCPenney. I saw some cute ones in the 38D range there the other day.
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H&M usually goes up to 38D.
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That Flirtitude brand is exactly what I'm looking for!

I don't have access to an H&M, alas.
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It appears that your question has been answered, but my wife has had good luck ordering things from Bravissimo
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I'd be happy to get more answers!
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Your question is a good one - I googled "fun larger size bras" and guess what was the first hit? THIS QUESTION. Sheesh!

Have you checked out Dillards' lingerie department? There was a gal with a Eastern European accent there who was very helpful to me the last time I was in need of brassieres. Not that any of mine are fun in any way, though :-)
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No, I hadn't tried there--thanks for the tip. :)
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b.tempt'd makes fairly high-quality bras that are cute and in larger sizes. I have also had luck with some of Wacoal's bras (b.tempt'd is a Wacoal line aimed at a younger customer, I believe). Sometimes Chantelle might have what you are looking for.

One unfortunate thing to keep in mind is that cotton or lace bras don't tend to offer as much support. That's why larger size bras are usually more boring looking -- form follows function.
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