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Can you help me become a Foreign Service Security Engineering Officer?

I have recently been granted the opportunity to be assessed/interviewed for this job. In less than a month, I will take a series of written and oral tests that cover my technical knowledge and current world events. They didn’t give me any advice on what to study, except to tell me to read the job posting and be familiar with the description of duties and qualifications. Here is what I’m a little hazy on:

1. Specify, design, procure, install, and certify equipment or products for technical security and information technology systems, such as:

--Technical systems/closed-circuit television, intrusion detection and alarms, locking devices, access control and denial systems, countermeasures equipment, and acoustic/RF attenuation technologies.
--Computer systems/encryption, firewalls, forensics, network intrusion monitoring, and system security audit products.

2. Understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, and RF interrelationships and characteristics as they relate to the design and operation of electronic and electromechanical systems

3. Knowledge and hands-on familiarity of computer systems, computer security, and familiarity with operating systems, hardware platforms, and networks

I currently hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering and am finishing up my masters in mechanical engineering where I am studying automation and mechatronics. My real worry is the computer and network security, but I would like to be more familiar with everything. That being said, could you guys recommend any technical or current event related study material for me?

Oh, and I have seen this post.
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Out of these, I can give you a pointer on item 2. For this you will need to have a decent understanding of TEMPEST attacks and shielding.
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CISSP would cover most of the info-sec stuff. Way too short a timeframe to cram everything, but it should be helpful.
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