Childhook book with a witch, an egg, a bluebird, and creepy illustrations
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Another childhood (let's say, oh, 1980) book memory: there's a bevy of creatures (fairies? woodland animals?); one of them (a bluebird?) lays an egg which gets stolen (by a witch?); the egg hatches at the end having contained someone (something?) wonderful and magical. Illustrations were in a realistic style and quite creepy. Anybody?
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The Phoenix & the Carpet by E Nesbit?
posted by the cuban at 1:17 PM on January 1, 2005

Someone needs to make an Ask.Mefi Listmania list of Books from Childhood.
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My guess would be Outside Over There by Maurice Sendak. Although if it is, that's a great mis-memory.
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I have a book called something like Fletcher and the Egg (don't have access to it at the moment to get the exact name) that has a similar plot to that you describe, if that rings any bells.
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I'm thinking Jan Brett.... maybe this one?
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Everytime I see one of these posts and try to figure it out it's as if i'm waking up from a dream and trying to recapture some of the images. I make all these mental pictures of strange little japanese boys floating down rivers with woodland sprites and black labrador retrievers whose grandmothers are crying. It's like a daily exercise in surreality.
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Sounds like RatsMagic by Wayne Anderson - my favorite childhood book!
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belladonna, you ROCK!
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