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Is there a name for the synthesized "werdert" or "wiggit" sound that's overlaid, every other beat, on exceptionally cheesy disco records and incidental music of that era? It almost sounds like a precursor to hip-hop turntable spinning, but it's distinctly disco.
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Could you provide a sample, perhaps?
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Best answer: For a sample, check out the Two Dragons track sample from the Starsky and Hutch soundtrack.

That effect is called Wah Wah.
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jimfl's right ... it's rhythm guitar through a wah wah pedal and it was an utter cliche during the 70s
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Response by poster: Thanks! I had an instrumental in mind, the name of which I have no idea.
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I've often heard this technique referred to as "porn guitar" and "wackawacka" guitar. These are, of course, colloquial terms.
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There is nothing "synthesized" about that sound.
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'round these parts (Quebec) it's known as the "qua qua che che" sound, usually associated with bad (as in good) porn (as in pr0n).
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There is nothing "synthesized" about that sound.

well, if you want to get technical, my interpretation is that signal modulation is the foremost attribute of sound synthesis.

this is exactly what a wah-wah pedal does -- modulates a signal.

in this case, the signal is coming from an electric guitar, instead of an oscillator or wavesample.
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