Help me remember the name of this horror/sci-fi movie from my childhood (circa 1991).
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I am trying to figure out the name of a horror/sci-fi movie from my childhood. It's a movie where a guy wakes up one day and he has a little alien slug/worm that lives on the back of his neck and talks to him. The alien has drilled a hole in the back of his neck and now injects a powerful narcotic/hallucinogen directly into his brain and controls the guy's life. Nobody knows about the alien slug, and at the end of the movie, he squeezes the alien slug to death and it administers a lethal dose to him, and his head blows up. Name that movie! As I'm older I realize it was a metaphor for drug addiction... and frequently try and explain the plot of the movie to people as best as I can remember. It was probably released around 1991. It may have gone straight to DVD or cable. TIA
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The Puppet Masters?
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Best answer: Brain Damage?
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Best answer: 2nd-ing "Brain Damage." Your description fits it almost perfectly.
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How to Get Ahead In Advertising has this plot, except it's a social satire and it's not a slug in his skin but a boil that grows into a second head and talks to him.l
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Best answer: Several clips from Brain Damage on YouTube. Check out the "related clips" in the side bar.
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Best answer: Thirding Brain Damage!
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