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Help me find a t-shirt I've only heard described ambiguously!

Okay, so the girlfriend's birthday is coming up. Some months ago she mentioned a favorite t-shirt that was ruined in the wash, and I'd like to replace it as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, I never saw the shirt, and I can't go and ask her for details without ruining the surprise. What makes this shirt particularly difficult to find, I think, is that all I know about it is that it says "I carrot vegetables." Maybe. It could also be "I ^ vegetables" (caret), which would be sort of witty, I guess. Or maybe it's "I <3 vegetables," where the heart is replaced with a carrot-looking-hearty thing. I just don't know.

Any help in finding a place to purchase it online would be groovy. I googled some without success. Thanks!
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Best answer: Not vegetables.....veggies! This is the one I have - it's from Delia's but it's from last year.

Buy it on eBay!
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Yeah, that has to be it. All the cute hipster girls have that one.
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Hmmm. I haven't seen that shirt before...must be getting out of touch.
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