Is there a way to use a (USB 2.0) hard drive that is formated as HFS Journaled (MacOS X) under WindowsXP?
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WindowsFilter: is there a way to use a (USB 2.0) hard drive that is formated as HFS Journaled (MacOS X) under WindowsXP? I've tried the otherwise excellent MacDrive and it can't handle it.
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These are kind of oblique solutions, and I'm fairly sure someone else (this is AskMe) will dig up a proper way to go about accessing the files, but in the meantime:
  • If you just need to grab a few files off the drive now, most recent Linux distributions should be able to detect, mount, and access the drive.
  • If you have access to a Mac laptop, you can transfer the files rather painlessly by connecting the drive to the Mac, turning on "Remote Login" in System Preferences:Sharing, and then connecting to the Mac with WinSCP. The mounted drive will be located in /Volumes/.
  • If you have OS X installation CDs, you could try mucking around with PearPC, which emulates (very slowly) a G3. I'm not sure it's able to access external resources like a USB HD, though.
None of those are really very practical, but in a pinch they might get you through.

The one other thing I thought of was MacOpener, which is similar to MacDrive, but the most recent version predates the introduction of journeled HFS+.
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Thanks, SemiSophos - the root problem, which I should have mentioned, is that my iBook is in the shop and I'm trying to cope with only my Windows machine. Sounds like I should either boot linux off a CD or wait for the iBook to come back, unless someone knows of miracle Windows software.
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What version of Macdrive are you using?

I ask, because I have a journaled drive working just fine.

The major difference? It's a firewire drive, not a USB 2.0 drive.
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I was using the most recent trial version. Hmm.
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