Michael Jackson tribute mix?
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I'm looking for a mix/compilation of Michael Jackson songs that I heard played recently at a club. It's a single track that combines many of his more popular dance numbers. I know it contained parts of Billie Jean, Thriller, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Beat It, and Bad, and there were a few other songs that I don't recall. As far as I can tell, the songs were simply blended together via cross-fades and were not remixed or rerecorded, and the track itself was long--probably at least 10 minutes. Any ideas what I heard and where I can find it?
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Response by poster: One more detail: I know that it's possible for a DJ to do cross-fades manually, but the DJ was walking through the crowd during this song and she wasn't cross-fading much between other songs during her set, so I'm pretty sure that this was a track that was already mixed.
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I used to have something like that which, as far as I recall, was simply called "Michael Jackson Megamix." Googling this gives you loads of results tho so is kind of useless. YT yields this, which is kinda crap, but there's a few uploads of it so that may be it? (I honestly don't remember what the one I had was like, as I'm not a huge fan of mixes)
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Usually those kinds of things are called megamixes. If you look for 'Michael Jackson Megamix' on google, it shouldn't take you long to find it. I wouldn't be surprised if there was more than one.
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The Megamix I linked above also appears here (been rummaging around MJ forums a bit - yes I'm one of "those" MJ fans) so seems pretty prevalent. Here's a Mediafire page with an extensive list of megamixes if you're into that kind of stuff.

And now I'll stop.
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Ultimix put out a ~20 minute long medley mix (ignore the first 30 seconds, and possibly the long lead-in to Billy Jean... these cuts are produced for professional DJs, the beginning part helps to identify the cut (consider it an overture), and then the long lead-in makes it easier to beat match).

A lot of club DJs use these.
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