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HalloweenFilter: Help me attach a toy plane to my hair.

Hair background: I have just-below-shoulder-length hair. It is thick, though not frizzy, and I have a lot of it. A lot. Though with the right product and a day or two between shampoos, it can be very sleek. It also holds curls well.

For Halloween, I would like to curl my hair, and attach a toy plastic plane somewhere. Initially, I was thinking of doing a messy, curly updo, but I have bangs, and I think it would look odd. Plus, I look better with my hair down.

My question is, where should I place the plane on my head and how can I attach it? I'm thinking maybe on the side, in a place where one would otherwise see a bow.

I realize that if my hair were up, this would be easier; I could probably just stick it somewhere in the bird's nest. But alas...

Thank you!
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Could you attach the plane to some barettes or clips, and put it in that way?
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Can you glue the toy plane to a strong hairpin or barrette, and then clip one side back a little -- sort of like this? Use hot glue or super glue, and I would attach it to a heavy duty barrette like this, which you should be able to find at a craft store. Test it first, because the plane might be very heavy, so you'll have to experiment with the best way to attach it to the barrette and to clip it into your hair so that it doesn't shift too much. You may need to support the hair with bobby pins around the barrette because it may slip due to weight.
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Making or buying an elastic headband and attaching the plane to that will probably work well. You could also try gluing it to a plastic headband, but I think that an elastic headband that wraps all the way around your head will provide more stability.
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How about hot gluing a safety pin to the bottom of the airplane, then using a scarf or wide ribbon in your hairdo, and pinning the airplane to the scarf at the appropriate spot?
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You could go with an airplane hat. You could pin your airplane to a jaunty cap. Or you could take the ultra fabulous route, and superglue the model airplane of your choice to a rhinestone encrusted costume tiara.
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Maybe this will give you some ideas. This woman somehow made a hat out of a ship. I would go for the updo, I think it would be the most secure. However, you could try a half up half down do. I would likely try using a Bumpit under a rats nest and clipping the plane to the Bumpit. I imagine the Bumpit and rats nest would give the toy support.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for all of the creative solutions! I think I will be trying out several of them, experimenting with what works best. First step though, buy a hot glue gun!
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Wire - attach the plane to the wire, then braid the wire into your hair. You can bend the braid to any shape you want as a bonus.

**Thank chrisinseoul's girlfriend for this one**
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