Name this philosophical movie about the earth's fate.
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A movie about a politician and a scientist having long philosophical conversations on an island or beach, released after 1980? Very talky, like My Dinner With Andre?

It was something I tuned into late at night years ago, very reminiscent of Egoyan or Dinner with Andre. I remember the male politican resembling Peter Coyote and the scientist looking like Arsinée Khanjian but the film I'm thinking of isn't in their filmographies.

I've located this film before, but the memory seems to have been displaced, probably by vector calculus. I thought it was called Life streams.. probably an early nineties film, but I'm not sure. Sustainability and human-impact was a primary topic.

Does this ring any bells?
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Best answer: sounds like Mindwalk
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Best answer: great movie
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Best answer: Excellent movie. You can watch it on Google video
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