Old but awesome shareware.
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Help me identify an older mac shoot-em-up with procedurally generated levels.

Identifying features:
*This was a 360° space-shoot-em up style game.
*Gameplay focused heavily on rooms connected by teleporters, and I remember these rooms being rocky in nature. It did not take place in space.
*These rooms featured interesting obstacles in addition to enemy spacecraft, and were different every time I played, leading me to believe there was some randomization or procedural generation going on.
*Enemy space craft would often drop their weapon, which you could absorb, similar to Kirby. I remember a variety of lasers, multishot, and even a ball and chain style weapon.
*This game was shareware, and I BELIEVE it came out soon before or after Mac OS X adoption began taking place. I'm by no means certain about this. There may be a classic version, OS X version, or both.
*It is by no means limited to the mac platform, I am only sure that there was a mac version.
*There was a boss fight every level, or possibly every few levels.
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was it one of the descents?
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Response by poster: Whoops, I should have been a little more specific. This is a 2D, sprite based indie shareware game. I seem to remember it was made by one person. Regardless, it is a smalltime and likely obscure game. I appreciate your effort, of course!
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Check this page as it may be listed here an jog your memory. Possibly Bedlam or another in this list.
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Best answer: Well, I actually figured this one out myself, but I stumbled upon it while searching for something only slightly related. I was searching for retro games, only to discover the game I've been searching for. It's called Retro. #*($*(#$


Unfortunately, it no longer seems to run on 10.6.
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