Did dude steal a Dell?
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Is this computer hot?

A friend of mine found a good deal (person to person) for a Dell Windows Vista laptop. He's wondering if the deal is good because the computer is hot. Is there any easy way to get a fair idea? (He's a newbie, I'm a Mac.)
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Best answer: If it's a dell machine, then it has a unique service tag - usually a 7-character code. You could start by getting that tag, and talking to Dell... If the original user registered with them, they'll be able to tell you who that is.
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Response by poster: It's an Inspiron, not sure of the rest off the top of my head.

Where is the service tag? On the bottom?
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Computers are cheap. I could build you one from parts off Newegg for three hundred bucks that would do a capable job for office work and browsing the Internet.

Chances are the computer's just old and thus cheap.
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Best answer: How good a deal is it? New laptops are pretty cheap these days.
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Comparing it to other similar computers on Craig's List should give you an idea if the price is suspiciously low. You'd be surprised how cheap an older computer can be.

Is the seller's behavior suspicious in any way? That would be a big tipoff. If you've ever shopped for a used car and come across one with a suspicious title, you'll know what I mean - not being able to answer normal questions, having a strange story about how they came to own the thing or why they're selling it, stuff like that.
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Sorry, I didn't read the question quite right - it seems like maybe you've already determined that the price is very low. Why not just ask the seller why that is and trust your bullshit detector? Maybe it belongs to an ex (lover, roommate or friend) who owes him money and he just wants to be done with it all.
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Seconding sonic meat machine. Unless it's a very high spec computer for a crazily low price (say, anything with Core i7 for under $500), it could just be a result of the crash in PC prices (especially notebooks) over the past few years - I'm always shocked when I go back to check them out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, for all of these. The service tag suggestion seems the obvious thing to check.
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If you're comparing the Dell price to what you paid for your Mac, I can see why you think it's stolen.

That's just how the non-Apple world is, much cheaper ;-)
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Response by poster: Yeah, I knew Macs held their value much longer, I just didn't realize how much that was!
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