looking for drum instructor in dc
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i'm looking for a drum teacher in washington, d.c.

i've been taking lessons for about five months in san francisco, and am moving cross-country at the end of the month. i'm looking for a teacher who can help me continue my progress on a basic rock/acoustic kit, and would love to have someone who teaches me real (ie, not songs for little kids about bears, but radio playable) songs, as well as drumming skills. are there any specific teachers you can recommend, or schools? i'm leaving a totally rad teacher behind, who plays in a few bands and makes the lessons feel like i'm already playing drums like a pro, and not like a semi-beginner. thanks!
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I have no experience with them at all, but I do know the Levine School of Music has a few locations in DC and around the area in Maryland and Virginia. It's geared toward adults as well as children. Looks like they have a percussion ensemble class.

Do any MeFites on here have any experience with Levine?
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Here's a site I've had in my bookmarks for a while: teachstreet.com. If a cool drumming teacher has posted info, you can find him/her.
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thank you both so much!
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