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IdentifyThisElectronicMusicFilter: Does anybody know the name/artist/album of this minimal electronic track I found in a liveset (big mp3)? Or anything similar?

I've been obsessed with this track (and liveset) for months and I really hope it's not an unreleased track from Move D and Benjamin Brunn because I hope it just points me in the direction of a new artist.

Anyway, if you don't know, but do know something you think I would like if I liked this track, that would be great too.
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Fabric 12, mixed by Amalgamation of Soundz might be up your alley. I picked this up after listening to it on the ipod of a guy I met while travelling. He told me the rest of the Fabric stuff was similar, but I haven't given it a go yet.

Looking forward to finding out more about the track you posted. If there's anything I should check out, do let me know. (mefi mail if need be)
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Best answer: This track sounds like it should be from the "thinner netlabel" catalogue. I've been trying all the bands on the label that sound similar, but I can't come up with a match. Nulleins is very very close in sound though, and if you like that track, I'm sure you'll like the band - give the album Seven Spaces a spin. I've mentioned some of these bands before on MeFi, but I'd like to recommend Marko F├╝rstenberg (Classics album), Lomov (Mounting Stags album), and Ben Businovski (Simulacraic Wonderland album). Hope that helps, or at least gets you on the path to mew music.
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If you found it in a liveset by Move D and Benjamin Brunn, then it is a track by Move D and Benjamin Brunn. Because it is a live set not a DJ set.
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This is strongly reminiscent of Sasu Ripatti's stuff, who records under various pseudonyms such as Vladislav Delay, Luomo, and Uusitalo (none of which I noticed on your last.fm artist list). Check out Vocalcity (recorded as Luomo; this is pretty much a classic) and Tulenkantaja (recorded as Uusitalo).
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Response by poster: You're probably right dydecker. It's just pretty different from the stuff they release on albums, so I was assuming they were covering/sampling something.
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