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Going through old stuff, I found a box for an old Ibook that had a weird handwritten shipping label from "I.S. 339 School Of Communication Technology." Google says it's a performing arts school in the Bronx. What gives?

It's possible that I had it sent in for repairs and Apple outsourced it. It's been years since I looked at the box. Any idea why my computer might have gone through these folks?
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Perhaps your unit was inadvertently returned to you after warranty repair, in the box a unit from "I.S. 339 School Of Communication Technology" was sent in to Apple, too, for warranty repair. Perhaps they even got your cardboard box! Or, maybe your cardboard box went off to Peoria, Illinois, while a similar box from Peoria eventually made its way to Massena, New York, cradling yet somebody else's warranty repaired Ibook. Happens a lot, in the whoop-de-do world of high volume Apple warranty repair, I bet.
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I'm not sure anyone can answer this question for you, especially if you can't even remember if you sent this machine in for repair.
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I know that box swaps happened a lot in warranty repair that we had done in various Fortune 500 companies. A lot of times you don't even get "your" computer back, of course. You get an identical or near-identical spec refurb.
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