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What are the best BBQ restaurants in Manhattan? Bonus points if it is Texas themed in someway. Cost is not an issue.

I had a great first date with a girl I met from Texas. She recently moved to NYC and is feeling a little homesick. She also loves steak, ribs and good Texas eating, so I thought it would be a cute idea to take her to a great NYC BBQ place for our second date. Any ideas?

Cost is not an issue. One of us is lives midtown and the other the east village, but anywhere in Manhattan is fine.

So far, I am thinking about Blue Smoke as a good option.

Also, any other Texas themed things I am missing that may be fun to show her in NYC?
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Hill Country struck me as much better than Blue Smoke.
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RUB's not bad (Chelsea). Definitely get your fill of folksy folks.
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Seconding Hill Country. It's delicious, but you should be aware that it's cafeteria style. But, boy is it good. I love the beans. They have live music; check their site for details.
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Thirding Hill Country. I'm a native Texan and love that place.
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The Dallas Bar BQ is kitschy, but they do have very satisfying food. And enormous margaritas. Spots all over the city.
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For my money Fette Sau is the best BBQ in New York. Not in Manhattan, but it's quick ride on the L train. That said, Hill Country will do the trick - very good cue and an atmosphere (though kitschy) that's true to the Texas style.
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Not in NY but just to make sure you do the right thing. BBQ is regional. Texas BBQ is different then say Kansas City or Memphis. So you should really be looking for the best Texas BBQ in NYC ;-)
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Not BBQ, but since you asked for other Texas-themed things:

Johnny Utah's has a mechanical bull.

Rodeo Bar is honky-tonk bar with great live music and a Tex-Mex menu.
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Another vote for Hill Country.
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The brisket and bbq sauce at Blue Smoke was underwhelming. I say that as someone who didn't grow up in Texas, but did grow up eating Texas style bbq at home.
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FWIW, the Hill Country website makes it look like a good option to this Texas girl :). At the very least, they have Blue Bell ice cream. That alone would make it a worthwhile place to me.
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Wildwood -- on Park Ave. South in the teens somewhere.
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If cost is not an issue come to texas, there is no good bbq that far north.
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Nobody's mentioned Dinosaur Bar-B-Que? It's so tasty! You may want to make reservations, though; they get super-busy. (Because, man...tasty.)
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For the best BBQ in the city, Daisy May is it, but it's Kansas City style.

They deliver anywhere in Manhattan, by the way... ;)
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Seconding Rodeo Bar... my favorite bar in Manhattan.
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Another Texas native n'thing Hill Country. Blue Bell, Big Red soda, great brisket, mmm...

If you're still dating by next June, make sure to take her over to the Big Apple BBQ in madison square park:

Lots of BBQ vendors from all over the country, and specifically some great ones from Texas (Salt Lick from Austin is amazing).
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For the best BBQ in the city, Daisy May is it, but it's Kansas City style.

I'm jotting this down, because I love KCBBQ, but it isn't going to be much of a nostalgia trip for a Texan.
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As a Texan from the Hill Country, if the place has Blue Bell ice cream, it's legit. Also, cafeteria style is correct for Texas BBQ. You never have table service at true Texas BBQ (then again, you rarely have plates, either).
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n'thing Hill Country. A coworker from Texas recommended it to me, and it was just as good as she said.

I'll also give a thumbs-up to Dinosaur.
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Nthing Hill Country....and I did like Blue Smoke's brisket. Too many places here make it too dry.

Dallas BBQ is a local NYC chain that sucks( and should not be confused with Dallas Jones).

Wildwood puts beans in their "Texas" Chili.

Ultimate Texas themed? Cowgirl Hall of Fame!.
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Nth+1ing Hill Country.
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Again, Hill Country. Best BBQ I've had in a long, long time. RUB in Chelsea is a different kind of BBQ, but great. Get the burnt ends and deep fried oreos.

Dallas BBQ *is* kitchy and relatively low quality, but you can't beat a huge plate of ribs and fries for $11.
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I've been to Texas a few times. I've eaten at Salt Lick, Smitty's, and Black's, and go to the Big Apple BBQ every year.

Hill Country is in the authentic central Texas vein and nothing else in the city is really in that genre. Get the brisket, moist, and don't let any sauce anywhere near it.

PS The barbecue at Dallas BBQ is not even smoked (it's steamed or baked and then finished on the grill), so it shouldn't really be called barbecue.
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Go early for burnt ends at RUB.
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Late to the party, but n+2 to Hill Country moist brisket, Fette Sau's pork belly, Dinosaur's chicken wings and spare ribs, and RUB's burnt ends
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I tried the rib sampler at Blue Smoke last night, after Hill Country closed for a private party. I figured it's hard to screw up ribs. The texture of the meat was okay but the tastes were all wrong. I didn't like whatever they used to flavor their ribs, or their sauces. And I've never had a rib in Texas that tasted like their Texas beef ribs.

Also, I didn't like the way they pushed appetizers, sides, and dessert. Very different from the Texas experience.
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