My Kingdom for an I-Phone
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What are used I-Phones going for?

Got mine stolen at a Farmer's Market recently and am looking to purchase a used one stat. Just got a quote for a 16 gig at $350.00. Heard that and decided to put on the brakes and do some research before purchase. It obviously sounded like they can only sell what they have available or at least the guy was making it sound that way.
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The last dozen AT&T-locked iPhone 3G's on eBay all sold today for between $320 and $380, so your quote sounds about right. (Unlocked have been more like $700).
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Best answer: Here you go.

$299 for 8GB Used
$450 for 8GB New
$450 for 16GB Used
$499 for 16GB New

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8gig refurb for $50?
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(That refurb is with a new, additional contract that you probably don't want.)
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If you're with AT&T, I don't think there's any way to add an iPhone to your contract without signing up for an additional two year contract. Even if you buy a used first-generation iPhone from eBay, AT&T will extend your contract upon activation through iTunes. That the case, your safest bet is probably through AT&T's refurb program. Don't forget to contact Apple and extend your warranty coverage from the day you purchased it.
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"Even if you buy a used first-generation iPhone from eBay, AT&T will extend your contract upon activation through iTunes."

Untrue. I did just that last winter -- my contract date didn't budge (and I'd have torn them fresh orifices if it did).
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AT&T will NOT extend your contract if you buy one from eBay.

An iPhone original 2G (the first model) goes for $200 for an 8GB on eBay.

An iPhone 3G goes for $300-400 for a 16GB. The higher the price, the better the quality (not always, though).

Double-check, as the prices do fluctuate HEAVILY (you sometimes get lucky). If it's the 3G you're being offered, I think you're getting the median price if it's in good condition.
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Err yeah, I thought my comment was the case last year, but a quick Google search shows otherwise. So ignore that one.
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