Sturdy, expandable dining table?
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Recommend a dining table that's round, expandable, sturdy, and will fit a bolt-on highchair?

We have a small space, so I need the perfect dining table. So far I just can't find what I need: round to maximize space, expandable for the rare occasions when we need even more, and something that will fit a bolt-on highchair (like this) -- i.e., no skirt, and sturdy.

Bonus points for clean, modern lines and a dark stain.

This cheapie one from Amazon looks about right, but I don't think it's sturdy enough. I'd rather buy something great-quality that will still look great years from now.
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Have you checked Ikea? They pretty much let you design your own table from various tops and legs, and you might be able to create what you're looking for.
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Speaking of Ikea - I love this BJURSTA round expandable table but if I understand what you mean by "skirt" it may not work.
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Best answer: Are you sure that high chair won't work with any skirt at all? We have a similar high chair (the Chicco) and the metal prongs at the bottom swoop down and underneath the skirt on most tables. It's designed specifically for that, as long as the skirt is a few inches back from the edge. It doesn't work with all skirts but it works with most and it looks like yours would accommodate a bit of skirt as well. You should take the chair with you when you look at tables to test it out, in any case. Something like this might work.
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