Small speakers, great sound - is it possible?
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I'm looking for a 2.1 speaker system that is similar in shape and size to Logitech's X-230 but sounds considerably better. I actually quite like the sound of the satellites but the subwoofer is just ridiculous. Even when turned down completely it still is way too loud. I guess this system was built with gamers in mind... I'm looking for a system that is meant for listening to music. Right now I'm trying out a pair of affordable nearfield monitors (Behringer MS40) which sound allright (I guess, I'm not entirely sure yet) but are still quite a bit too big for my current workspace. So any recommendations for better-sounding X-230 alternatives are very welcome!
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If you like the sound of the satellites, but think the sub's too loud, it may be possible to lower the volume of the subwoofer, either by moving it further away or by physically insulating it somehow or installing a resistor or something.
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You don't mention a budget, but if you were considering the Behringers, the Audioengine 2 is in the same ballpark, considerably smaller, and among the best-reviewed small speakers you'll find.
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Since the Audioengine and Behringers have already been mentioned, I'm going to suggest the Razer Mako 2.1 system. It sounds great to me, and the subwoofer doesn't come across as overpowering in my experience.
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second the Audioengine A2's.
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I have a bottom-end Klipsch "ProMedia 2.1" set. It appears similar in size to the X-230. The volume and subwoofer volume controls are on the front panel of satellites, and you can adjust the subwoofer from "completely off" to "the downstairs neighbors are most definitely awake." They're definitely mid-grade computer speakers tho -- nothing particularly fancy or high-quality.
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I got a pair of the audioengine 2a and loved them so much that I got a pair of their unpowered speakers for my living room. However, I got a pair o the 2s for my living room and found they didn't work well there, where they weren't near ear level. But I love them for at my desk.
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I used to have a set of Logitech Z-4 speakers that I really liked (and I have some fairly high end equipment). The subwoofer has a sealed design that is tighter sounding than the ported type of subwoofer on the X-230. The speakers are also really slim and can even be hung on a wall. They are a pretty good bang for the buck (<>
The AudioEngine and Klipsch are reportedly quite good, but are also quite a bit more expensive.
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bang for the buck - less than $100
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oops. less than $75. they come in white, too, if it matters.

forgot to mention that I used them as office speakers at my desk. Plenty of power for that purpose.
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Axiom Audio, out of Dorcet, Ontario makes some great products for listening to music.

They have a (pricey) computer setup that sounds great: Axiom Audio Bytes

I'm not sure if they're small enough for you though...
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